Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sat Jan 16 2010 - 14:49:29 EST

On 2010-01-16 20:32, Paul Bullock wrote:
> does not mean that we can abandon Marx's materialist analysis
> because tenuous or plainly idiotic associations are falsely made
> between it and palpably reactionary ideas.

Agreed. Let me just remind you that my criticism of the theory of labour
aristocracy was against its theoretical and empirical weakness (those
points were enumerated in a list not long ago which has yet to be
addressed). The fact that the theory has reactionary political
corollaries was a secondary issue, and possibly irrelevant to the
discussion but I felt it had to be made clear.

(Moreover, the theory in question was not Marx's.)

//Dave Z
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