Re: [OPE] On Rereading Lenin's Imperialism: A Rejoinder [Cyrus Bina's Response to Paula Cerni's post]

From: Jerry Levy <>
Date: Fri Jan 15 2010 - 16:15:46 EST

> find it hard to believe that the majority of the traditional left, more or less, had taken a favorite position toward the paramilitary government of .
> > Ahmadinejad in post-election Iran. Here in the US, certain self-proclaimed Marxists, say, in Monthly Review (New York) had already thrown > out the anti-fascist and forthright tradition of their magnificent founders to the toilet bowl and, in conjunction with providing an outlet to
> propaganda by habitual opportunists (including the known agents of the Islamic Republic in the United States) defended this atrocious, anti-
> women, anti-worker, and anti-democratic regime in Iran. This is one hell of a practice (as Ms Cerni’s updating of the theory of imperialism
> would imply) to call Ahmadinejad an anti-imperialist, as its analogue.

I wonder: is this true for anyone associated with MR other than Yoshie Furuhashi? I haven't been following thr goings on at MR or MRZine too closely recently in recent months so don't know.

In solidarity, Jerry
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