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Date: Fri Jan 01 2010 - 13:18:12 EST

THe "New World Order" isn't the name of a conspiracy theory. It was the name given by George H.W. Bush at about the time of the Gulf War for his grand - and failed - scheme for international relations. In the NWO, there would allegedly be a re-alignment of nations - made possible by the dissolution of the USSR, etc. and therefore the end of the Cold War - in which all of the major powers could use the UN to broker and maintain peace and in which armed conflicts would wither away. As soon as the NWO was announced, though, it crumbled and it wasn't long before the euphoria by some bourgeois politicians and intellectuals who applauded the "end of communism" itself withered away. The hope, I think, was for universal recognition of US hegemony and an end to inter-imperialist rivalries, but that - of course - was a US imperialist fantasy.
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