Re: [OPE] Britain--parasitic and decaying capitalism: A comment

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Mon Dec 28 2009 - 16:11:25 EST

On 2009-12-28 19:35, D. Göçmen wrote:
> I like almost everything that comes from David.
I'm less certain that you like the political corollaries of what my view
is a faulty analysis?

It says to the working-class movement in the advanced economies:

    "Workers, your struggles for better wages and living conditions are
    not only useless since they perpetuate imperialism, they are also
    immoral for you are the exploiters of the Third World. You
    constitute an oppressor nation, and whatever you do will be immoral
    until you destroy imperialism."

It says to the workers and peasants in the developing economies:

    "Your nation is being looted by foreigners. The cause of your misery
    is the exploitation by *foreign* capital, if you just get rid of
    them you will be free, i.e. national independence."

In other words, its consequence is to destroy the confidence of the
working-class movement on a global scale and foster nationalism from
which ruling classes in the developing countries are only to gain (e.g.
support Nasser, Bhutto, the Ayatollah etc.).

//Dave Z

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