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Hi Paul,

I'm not a fan of what has been happening with empire, jobs, or the proposed
insurance industry bailout. My comment refers to the Senate bill, though
the so-called public option as I understand it in the house bill is designed
to cover only a miniscule fraction of persons -- 5% was a number I heard.
Anyway, the Senate bill mandates so-called universal coverage without a
public option. That means everyone is required by federal law to buy
insurance from a private insurer. No doubt from an excess of compassion,
jail is not imposed for violation and the fine is only $750. As Obama said
during the campaign, you can solve homelessness this way too simply by
making a law requiring everyone buy a home. Unemployment? Why there's good
historical example -- bring back the laws against vagabondage. So, to speak
plainly, what $750 offers is the privilege of not spending thousands to buy
health insurance. Requiring everyone to buy private insurance seems a bit
like capitalism on life support. Not a highest stage, anyway. It also
seems mindnumbingly short sighted. Plainly US industrial competitiveness is
hopelessly hobbled by reliance on a private welfare system, of which
dependence on employer health insurance is the most telling example. But
who needs competitive when you have predator drones.


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Your remark is a bit cryptic. Could you explain what you mean Howard.
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As I understand it, for only $750 I can purchase the privilege not to be


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On this link there is a short description of the health care reform bill in
the States, which is attached. I was wondering what our members from the
States would think about it:



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