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Doesn't this interpretation pass over the splintering of capital into
capitals? That is, the wage goods consumed by workers employed by one
firm are commodities being produced almost completely by workers in very
many other firms and very often thousands of miles away in differing
nation states. If this is the implication, why is this theoretical
approach an advance?

Paul Z.

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B.R.Bapuji wrote:
> In her recent Telugu book, the English translation of which is being
> done and which is expected to come out in May 2010 [Economics for
> Children: Based on Marx's 'Capital'], Ranganayakamma argues that there
> is no exchange [whether equal or unequal] at all between the
> capitalist and the worker.
> Meanwhile let me summarize her argument here.
> According to her, there is no point in isolating/separating 'necessary
> labour' from the total labour that a worker gives to the caitalist and
> then talk about exchange between it and the wages. The wage that the
> capitalist pays to the worker is a portion of the total labour which
> the worker performed in the workplace. Which means, the capitalist is
> paying wages from the total labour performed by the worker. Further,
> the capitalist does not perform any labour, poroduce any commodity and
> exchanges that commodity with that of the worker as is done in any
> exchange. The capitalist gets total labour of the worker, takes out
> some portion and pays it as wages to the worker and retains [exploits]
> the remaining portion which Marx calls 'surplus value'.
> Bapuji
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