Re: SV: [OPE] Marta Harnecker's Ideas

From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Tue Dec 08 2009 - 04:47:46 EST

Anders Ekeland wrote:
> Regarding in the non-correspondence between representants (those elected to offices) and the represented (voters, members) that is old hat in the sense that the right to form factions, internal bulletins, right to recall - in fact most of organisational theory is concerned with this problem - that the "necessary" division of labour creates "information" and "incentive" problems.
> That is why the right to form tendencies and factions - hated by all kind of authoritarian thinking - is such an important principle of rev. organisation. It sucks of course - but it beats all the alternatives hands down.
Yes but this is still in the context of having elections for leadership
positions. Factions can aim to capture these. Alternatively one selects
all or some of the leading bodies by lot from the membership, in which
case factions just become a matter of the competition of ideas rather
than jockying for power.
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