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From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 11:06:39 EST

Jurriaan wrote:

> Once they gained official positions in local and central government, they
> consolidated their financial position, since an SP member cannot make any
> money out of party activity, and all remuneration from official functions
> goes into party coffers. The party pays representatives in some official
> functions (like parliamentarians) a modest wage, and refunds certain
> political expenses, but that's about it. If you work for the SP you don't do
> it for the money, but only because you believe in what they want to do, and
> because you want yourself to work to implement party policies. As a result,
> the SP is the best funded party in the Netherlands.
Yes, this one of the more appealing aspects of the SP strategy.

But as for the rest, I mean if you want to find out about the Dutch SP,
> don't talk to me, talk to the SP. They are
> quite happy to share experiences with people in other countries, and really
> the centrepiece of their political style is a constant dialogue with a great
> diversity of people, and regular surveying of what people think.

I was more interested to get the opinion of someone who is not a party
official. The reason I'm asking is that I spoke with an SP member at a forum
some time ago. My current understanding is that it is arguably the most
capable socialist party in Europe. But it seems quite vague on economic
issues, and its weak on the question of European unification. Nevertheless
it is a hopeful example.

Thanks for your answers and contributions to OPE-L.

//Dave Z

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