SV: [OPE] Sraffa's and others' writing style

From: Anders Ekeland <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 08:59:36 EST

Hi Jerry,
> Well, then, if it has such a limited use why has it been (and
> continues to this day) to be widely discussed?

PCBMC as such is not discussed, the transformation problem - the use or misuse of linear algebra in grasping real life economic phenomena are, but not the PCBMC. I still hold that it would have been more productive for Sraffa to situate the work in a wider, more long term research agenda. That's what I think Sraffa had a scientific-moral obligation to do. I would say that a ten page intro would have done it. No need for a big book.

>So, once again, I
> say that Harnecker should be commended for her _style_ because
> it reflects a respect for readers and a desire to stimulate
> discussion rather than just present ready-made answers. Of
> course, it would be eminently naive to think that she doesn't
> have positions on (arrived at through struggle and research)
> on questions such as Leninism, social democracy, authoritarian
> structures, popular fronts, et al. Of course she has! Thank
> goodness she didn't try to write an article (or multi-volume)
> work which dealt with every issue at once and left no room for
> the reader to think through the questions for her/himself.

I suspect that given the situation in Venezuela - that she is afraid to be to direct and clear like Lenin, she probably feels that real clarity would marginilize her. But that's just my working hypotheses - so let me return to this when I have studied it a bit closer.

IMO the problem in the debate on rev. organisation is not being paternalistic, but to be able to sum up the experiences of the 20th century. Has MH written anything extensively on Lenin, Mao, Castro, Gramsci? All refs and hints are welcome - Spanish is OK.


> In solidarity, Jerry
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