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I am surprised, even though I shouldn't be, at the dismissive tone of some
of the responses to your question. Marta's points seem all worth while
discussing and contain lessons from a lot of practical, frustrating,

If these short sections, the paragraphs, were made the basis of discussions
in many 'progressive' organisations I am sure they would restimulate a lot
of thought on constantly reappearing issues, and maybe force more thought on
effective practical proposals, the dearth of which Marta notes.

Her arguments/ statements/ might be said, at times, to appear contradictory,
but that is because the world they reflect presents those contradictions.
The political organisation to resolve them - within the working class - to
higher levels has not been created/developed. eg the issue of majority
'versus' minority, and minority 'rights' against majority coercion etc. and
this is what she sees as possible and necessary. ( and just because the
bourgeoise's academics have discussed this for years doesn't mean we

Very generally I should say that the weakness is that her observations don't
demonstrate the material /class basis of these political conflicts and
impasses, and she deals with very general rights and wrongs, but discussed
in concrete contexts her somewhat 'philosophically' posed questions are
important to take up.

Paul Bl.

If there are
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See *attached*. Do you disagree with her points?

In solidarity, Jerry

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