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Information - with links - on a new documentary on Venezuela.
Lebowitz, I'm told, is interviewed in it.

In solidarity,

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I hope you are all well. I'm writing to let you know
about a few things
I'm up to which hopefully you can support/help
promote. First, thanks to
all of you who have come to screenings
and/or bought copies of my debut
documentary 'Inside the Revolution:
A Journey into the Heart of

I've been encouraged
by the feedback received so far
the comments (good and bad) I've received in Q&A sessions
have given me
a lot of food for thought. Just to remind you that if
you'd like to buy
a copy you can get it for a specially r
<http://goog_1258621437918>educed 'friends' price of 10
plus postage
costs <http://www.alborada.net/itr-ff> -- could
make an original Xmas

Also, I'm off to the US
in December to show the film in various cities
on the East Coast.

It's been
hard work setting up the screenings but thanks to the help
of some great
friends a good number of screenings have been
arranged. It'll be
interesting to see the reaction the film gets in
'America'. If you have
any contacts in the cities I'm showing the
you think might be interested in attending the screenings,
please let
them know - thanks!

That's pretty much it
folks. Finally, just to say that if I don't see
you before the New
Year, have a great December break and I hope to catch
up with you in



P.S - For those
of you on Facebook, I've done the 'done' thing and
created a
Facebook fan
and group
page for the film. Please join and spread the word!

"This is a rare film about
Venezuela, a country in extraordinary
transition. Watch this film
because it is honest and fair and respectful
of those who want to be
told the truth about an epic attempt, flaws and
all, to claim back
the humanity of ordinary people."

- John Pilger
(Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker)

the Revolution is an excellent contribution to our understanding
the Bolivarian Revolution. It takes us further back from where The
Revolution Will Not Be Televised began and further forwards from where

the world famous Irish documentary left off. Inside the Revolution

allows the grass roots supporters of the revolution, its driving
to speak and explain with their own worldview the complex
process of the
Bolivarian Revolution, focusing on the revolution's
pluses but also
underlining some of its weaknesses."

- Dr Francisco Dominguez (Head of the Centre for Brazilian and Latin
American Studies, Middlesex University)

"Too much media
coverage of Venezuela relies on stereotypes or one-sided
distortions. This film avoids the cliches and lets the people speak for

themselves. It is an inspiring and challenging look at the gains won
problems faced by the revolution in Venezuela. I highly
recommend it."

- Jeremy Dear (General Secretary of
Britain's National Union of Journalists)

has failed, Inside the Revolution is a detailed and
vivid look at
how communities in Venezuela are attempting to build an
Think you know everything about Venezuela, well think
again. This is
the view from the barrios rather than the Presidential
Palace, let
alone the parts of Caracas where the wealthy live. Inside
Revolution provides a different perspective on the transformations
occuring in a country which is never out of the news."

- Derek Wall (Former Principal Male Speaker for the Green Party of
England and Wales and author of the 'Another Green World' blog)

"Inside the Revolution is a deep and honest examination of
the pressing
issues inside Venezuela. The film provides a platform
for voices from
the grassroots sectors in Venezuelan society -- the
motor behind
Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution. Navarrete's film is a
masterpiece that
weaves together little known historical, archival
material with his own
contemporary footage on the front lines of the
Venezuelan revolution.
With up to date analysis and one of a kind
footage, this documentary is
not to be missed."

Chesa Boudin (Author of 'Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America' and
instructor on Venezuelan Politics, Yale University)

"Inside the Revolution is an honest attempt to trace the historical

trajectory of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. It is a fluent
attractive film that places political debate with its historical

context. It does so by giving space to the voices of ordinary
Venezuelans as they attempt to make sense of the important changes that

they are shaping and participating in. The film is an excellent
introduction to a unique moment in Latin American history, and I highly

recommend it."

- Dr Matthew Brown (Senior Lecturer
in Latin American Studies and
Director of the Centre for the Study
of Colonial and Postcolonial
Societies, University of Bristol)

"Inside the Revolution is a fascinating and honest portrait
of a
revolution in progress. With interviews and footage from the

shanty-towns, this film delves far deeper than most documentaries
the result is a thought-provoking study of Hugo Chavez's 21st
and a grass-roots revolution, which Navarrete shows is
both flawed and
inspiring. This film is an antidote to the
distortions and half-truths
of Fox News and should be seen by anyone
interested in Venezuela's future."

- Grace Livingstone
(Former reporter for 'The Guardian' in Venezuela and
author of
'America's Backyard: The United States and Latin America from
Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror')

"This useful
documentary illustrates the historical importance of the
revolutionary process underway in Venezuela. It captures the vibrancy of

a people who have found their voice, whilst addressing the
challenges of
a complex reality full of contradictory

- Dr Helen Yaffe (Teaching fellow in Latin
American History, University
College London, and author of 'Che
Guevara: The Economics of Revolution')

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