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See link below for a very interesting interview of Gorbachev which
in _The Nation_. I have included the email of Sidney
Gluck because I thought
it also would be of interest.

solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Gorbachev on 1989
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Dear Colleagues,

I've been a bit busy the
last couple of weeks and accumulated a few
interesting articles
which I'd like to share.

One is an insightful interview with
Gorbachev from The Nation (October 28,
2009). This is helpful in
evaluating the failure of the USSR and the
"socialism" of Stalin's Marxism-Leninism. I have followed Marx,
man, and broke with the Stalinization of "socialist
idealism" in 1957 when
they invaded Hungary and Czechoslovakia
where socialism was developing on a
democratic base.

of our problems today is the image of a command society which was
called socialism used to denigrate the essential character of a society
attempts to develop a transitional society between capitalism
and Communism.
This was recognized by Marx as including privately
owned industry in the
process of building the economic base to take
care of all of society and at
the same time develop human relations
that meld the interest of the various
economic sectors into a
collective understanding. We'll have more to say
about this in some
articles I will send you in the near future.

_Gorbachev on
1989_ (http://www.thenation.com/doc/20091116/kvh_cohen)


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