Re: [OPE] intermission: value of knowledge

From: wpc <>
Date: Sat Nov 14 2009 - 03:29:14 EST

Michael Perelman wrote:
> Pre-liberate people also accumulated knowledge, which resided in the
> community as a whole or in a sub-community. I think that a lot of the
> discussion about knowledge is shaped by the idea of knowledge as a
> commodity.
That is true, but as compared to literate communities, the amount that
they could store was smaller
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 09:20:38AM +0000, Paul Cockshott wrote:
>> Knowledge, we must remember, is not something imaterial,
>> it is not 'ideas'. It is always embodied in a material carrier : books,
>> records, or the far more perishable human brain. These
>> embodyments do wear out, just like other means of production.
>> Labour must be expended to maintain them, and in the absence
>> of this maintainance it is lost.

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