Re: [OPE] BBC E-mail: Free market flawed, says survey

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 07:43:05 EST

> No Jurriaan the BBC is NOT becoming increasingly right wing... you are
> just recognising an established fact.

Hi Paul B:

Well, obviously, you're closer to this situation that I am. I did notice,
though, that post-9/11 the reportage on "BBC World News"
became more right-wing. Prior to Blair, the BBC reporting on
international affairs appeared - at least to me - to be less reactionary
than the mainstream TV media in the US but after 9/11 it seemed to be
just as bad.

Maybe it goes through cycles loosely associated with imperialist wars?
I bet the reporting during the Malvinas War was increasingly right-wing
compared to, let's say, two years before that. More pro-nationalist,
overtly reactionary reporting tends to happen in imperialist nations during
war-time - especially noticable in the build up to and early stages of a

In solidarity, Jerry

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