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Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 04:58:30 EST

 In my research on "Knowledge Economy" ("Knowledge-Based Economy"), which I have not followed though all literature available, I found the statement that the value of knowledge cannot be asserted in terms of value quite challenging for political economy. Therefore, people suggest, by referring to Marx's Capital, that the political economy of knowledge and consequently the critique of the political economy of of knowledge cannot be written. There are references to Stanford University neo-classical economist who seem to try to do that. But general tendency is that the value of knowledge is asserted arbitrarily. This is the point where my capacity as someone interested primarily in philosophy does not allow to go into the debate. But political economists as professionals nay do it. If it is true that knowledge is produced by labour in a certain amount of time why is/shold be not possible to assert the value of knowledge. That was the quesion that occured in my mind when I was doing the research. And I have been criticised by people like Bob Jessop because I used Marx there to claim that the value of knowledge may well be asserted from classical political economy's point of view and therefore we ay be able to develop a critique of the political economy of knowledge. As I said the prove that the value of knoweldge may be asserted in terms of labour theory of value is a challenge that may only be demonstrated by Marxists.

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