RE: [OPE] Confiscation of American Prosperity???? Chapter 1

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This strikes me as the economism that Kautsky and Lenin criticised a hundred years ago, understandable perhaps in a country that has never had even a social democratic movement: but not enough.
“So long as socialist production is not kept consciously in view as its object, so long as the efforts of the
militant proletariat do not extend beyond the framework of the existing method of production, the class-
struggle seems to move forever in a circle. For the oppressive tendencies of the capitalist method of
production are not done away with; at most they are only checked.” (Karl Kautsky)
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I agree with what the business leaders see as their greatest policy threat
-- empower unions (& hopefully the union base instead of the union bosses).

On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 09:55:45PM +0100, Paul Cockshott wrote:
> Sorry I did not ask clearly enough.
> I am not saying what day to day organisational issues, but what would you say should be done by a left wing government with the necessary determination. If one can say this, then one can be more concretely critical of existing policies and put forward an alternative to mobilise people.

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