[OPE] Who wrote the note 50 of chap.3 of Capital vol.1, Engels or Marx

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Date: Sun Jun 28 2009 - 11:05:28 EDT

Dear friends (especially Michael Heinrich and onther specialists of MEGA);

The note 50 of chap.3 of Capital vol.1, states that there is 'the special sort
 of crisis, ・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹, which may appear independently of the rest, and only affec
ts industry and commerce by its backwash. The pivot of these crises is to be f
ound in money capital, and their immediate sphere of impact is therefore banki
ng, the stock exchange and finance.'

I am interested in this, since we difined it as the second type of monetary cr
isis in the section 6.1.2 and its note 1 in our book, Political Economy of Mon
ey and Finace (1999, Macmillan). It seems relevant at least to some extent as
a characterization of the Subprime financial global crisis.

May I ask any of your help to indintify (desirably with some evidence) who wro
te this impressive note in the third edition of Capital vol.1, Engels or Marx?
 The current popular English Penguin version (transl. by B. Fowkes) somehow sa
ys it by Engels, whreas the German ordinary version in Marx and Engels Werke 2
3 does not, and means it is by Marx. Why is there such difference between Engl
ish and German version?

Thanks in advance,

Makoto Itoh


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