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Dear All, please find below and attached the call for papers for the first issue of the Turkish Journal of Political Economy. If you have any quest or if you consider to submit a paper please contact me as soon as possible off-list.

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Crisis may be viewed as a
crisis of capitalist social formation, and it may be discussed under the heading
of “Crisis and Transformation”!


Turkish Journal of Political
Economy (Turkish: Ekonomi Politik: Uluslararası Eleştirel
Katkılar) will have be published in 2010 January with its first issue. Its general
editors are Prof. Dr. İzzettin Önder and Prof. Dr. Tülin Öngen; its executive editors
are Dr. Özlem Özkan, Assoc. Dr. İsmail Şiriner and Dr. Doğan Göçmen; and on its
board of consultant scientists and philosophers are for example: Samir Amin,
Korkut Boratav, Michael A. Lebowitz, Fuat Ercan, Michael Perelman, Taner Timur,
Hans Heinz Holz, Mehmet Okyayuz and Domenico Losurdo. In the “Manifesto” of the
journal, its aim and line are expressed in the following way:

“The fundamental concepts of this scientific tradition
which finds its expression in the concept of political economy [classical
political economy and its Marxian critique] are concepts such as labor,
capital, commodity, value (use-value, exchange-value, and surplus-value), wage,
and profit. Within this conceptual framework, starting from production
relations, the effort to=2
0understand class relations which become concrete in
the analysis of theoretical questions and practical problems concerning
production, distribution and consumption, and in the form of contradiction and
clash constitutes the main point of view and the methodological approach of our

The first issue of our journal will be devoted to the
topic: “Crisis and Transformation.” We aim to discus the theme of crisis, which
occupies international agenda of politics and public consideration nearly for a
year, as a formational crisis of capitalist society. In view of the continuity
of crisis from the mid of 1970s onward, its increasing manifestation by certain
periods from the early 1990s, its international dimension currently observed, the
radicalism of measures which have been taken by governments, and the effects
and results of the crisis which have been felt for a long period of time, it seems
to be clear that it is impossible to speak of either a merely periodical crisis
or a merely financial structural crisis. On the contrary, the crisis faced with
resembles a formational crisis which includes however both periodical and
structural dimensions. It expresses itself more profoundly in such discussions
as political crisis, moral crisis, ecological crisis etc., which all are
intensified by this crisis. These discussions naturally remind us not only of
the idea of collapse which is associated with the crisis, but they beg also the
question of a radical transformation. Our journal hails any kind of research or=0
Adiscussion paper which is suitable to the publication principles of the Journal.
Papers must not exceed 7000 words.

Main headings may be:

and history of this crisis and crises in history;

theories and Marxian critique;

theory of crisis;

and moral corruption;

effects of crisis;

of political system, and the debates on imperialism;

and dynamics of transformation;

of transformation, and the problems of its constitution.


concerning the history of economic thought;

on the history of science and thought;


reviews etc.


We accept also papers not necessarily related to
the main topic of the first issue. We welcome therefore any scientific work
which are generally in the line of our Journal. Deadline for papers is
September 30, 2009. Papers may be emailed to: info@ekopolid.org. 

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