Re: [OPE] Science and scientology

From: Paula <>
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 17:16:28 EDT

Dave wrote:
> I think Jerry is pointing to a real problem in the Marxian tradition. Its
> scientific content should be possible develop without references to some
> initial founding texts. That is a characteristic in most mature sciences.
> There is no need for Darwinists to constantly go back to Darwin.

Coincidentally I'm now reading Richard Dawkins' 'The Ancestor's Tale: A
Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life', and here is what he says on p8: "Evolution
rhymes, patterns recur. And this doesn't just happen to be so. It is so for
well understood reasons: **Darwininian** reasons mostly [my emphasis], for
biology, unlike human history or even physics, already has its grand
unifying theory, accepted by all informed practitioners, though in varying
versions and interpretations." From the index I see that he mentions Darwin
more than any other author, but still only 30 times in 528 pages - about the
same number of entries as chimpanzees.



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