Re: [OPE] question re published letters Engels

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Fri May 29 2009 - 09:29:31 EDT

> What example does
> "the domination of socialist relations of
> production over the productive forces;"
> mean in practical terms? Lenin believed it meant electrification under
> Soviet Power,

Hi Paul C:

I think that Lenn, rather, saw electrification as a means through which the
fores of production would be increased and this would make possible
an extension of socialist relations of production.

But, the question that you ask is a good one. Both Khruschev and Lenin
(but not so much Mao - at least from the Great Leap Forward and after)
shared the belief that socialist relations of production would arise as a
consequence of increasing forces of production, but there is obviously no
necessary reason why this must be the case.

The Bolsheviks, especially in the early period, tended to somewhat
uncritically glorify
the empowering possibilities of advances in technology and
This romanticisation of industrialization could also be seen in the
art of the period.

In solidarity, Jerry

> Kruschov thought it meant taxis instead of private cars, and the
> development of space technology, Mao thought it meant the use of
> inter-harvest labour power in the construction of irrigation schemes.

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