RE: [OPE] webpage computing dynamic rate of profit

Date: Sun May 17 2009 - 10:28:53 EDT

>>>> But the main motivation for me was to be consistent with the bulk of
>>> the literature on the profit rate.
>> Really?
> Well, at least the literature from which I learned economics this is the
> predominant way to measure profitability: Brenner, Glyn, Shaikh, Tonak,
> Dumenil, Levy, Foley, Michl, Cockshott, Cottrell, Farjoun, Machover. I
> suppose I could expand this list.
Hi Dave Z:
Let's contract the list instead. Let's just look at the formula employed
by two of those you mention above - Shaikh and Tonak. Is it P/K where
K is all of the capital invested (K) is means of production? As you know, for
S&T the division between productive and unproductive labor is a an
important variable in Marxian macro empirical studies. How can this
variable show up if the denominator in the rate of profit is simply K?
In solidarity, Jerry

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