Re: [OPE] value and measuring labor time

Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 10:38:19 EDT

> Why not be content to let the community operationally manifest their
> own (personal) measures of what they believe to be useful or not
> through some kind of voting mechanism? The kinds of considerations you
> raise (e.g., raising of culture, increase in free time etc.) can be
> part of the debate prior to voting, but no attempt is made to settle
> on metrics of such (immeasurable?) qualities.
 Hi Ian:
 Suppose after voting there is a change in preferences and a situation
where there is a shortfall in the supply of goods relative to the
 quantity desired and 'voted' for. Under these circumstances, a quasi-
black market could emerge where individuals could barter one good
produced with more labor time for a good produced with less labor time.
 In solidarity, Jerry

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