Re: [OPE] labor tokens and efficiency

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 05:17:07 EDT

> * There is an unstated ethic to such a system. "From each according
> to her abilities, to each according to her hours of labor" is
> a slogan which might find favor with those who embrace the
> Protestant work ethic. I see the possibility of a caste of "neo-
> Stakhanovites" emerging - the neo-Stakhanovites, unlike the originals,
> would not attempt to maximize labor intensity or be motivated by
> the perceived effect of their labor on the socialist project; they
> would attempt to maximize their working hours and would be motivated
> instead by a desire for an increase in individual wealth
> over the social average.
> The latter two related issues suggest that there would need to be
> a ban on working beyond a certain amount of hours per day and per week.
That could be argued within the framework of such a system, but I don't
understand your objection.

Provided a normal work week is sufficient for a decent standard of living,
if some individuals desire to devote more time to work than the social
average, either because they enjoy their work or because they want to
increase their individual consumption by obtaining more labour tokens, it is
to the benefit of society.

//Dave Z

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