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Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 17:27:56 EDT


> No Jerry, products of labour (Cap. 1, p. 166 et seq, Penguin ed.).

The Book: _Capital: A Critique of Political Economy_,

Volume One: "The Process of Capitalist Production".

Chaper 1, The Commodity.

Section 1 of Chapter 1: The Two Factors of the Commodity: Use-Value and
Value (Substance of Value, Magnitude of Value).

The first sentence of Chapter 1: "The wealth of societies in which the
capitalist mode of production prevails is an 'immense collection of
commodities'; the individual commodity appears as its elementary

The first paragraph of the first sentence of Ch. 1 concludes:
"Our investigation therefore begins with the analysis of
the commodity."

The very page you cite is in a section on ... yes, you guessed it,
... the commodity (Section 4: The Festishism of the Commodity and
its Secret").


The fact that commodites are the characteristic form of wealth of
capitalist societies does not imply that commodities and value
are resticted to capitalist societies.

All capitalist wealth is commodity but not all commodities are capitalist ones.

The fact that all men are mortal does not imply that all mortal things are human!

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