RE: [OPE] Istanbul Declaration Against the 5th World Water Forum 15-22

From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 15:59:58 EDT

 The Bolivarians must in the course of their struggle confront
the dangers to their environment posed by certain types of
natural gas and oil (e.g. tar sands) technologies which have
been developed by capital. The answer does not lie with joint
ventures with capitalist firms. The answer lies with extending
and deepening the revolutionary process. As you say, that will
require - increasingly - that they not wear white gloves.
It is worth considering the fact that the key stone of the Venezuelan
economy is the production of fossil fuels, which on a global scale
is the major environmental hazard.

The key alternatives that would have to be pursued by future socialist
alliance of states in Latin America are

1. Construction of a continental highvoltage direct current grid
    able to shift wind generated energy from areas with high wind
    around the southern cone to the rest of the continent.

2. Independent development of the nuclear fuel cycle as the Iranians
   are now doing, both for energy, and to develop nuclear deterent
   against the USA._______________________________________________
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