RE: [OPE] horizontalism and the socialist intelligentsia

Date: Tue Apr 07 2009 - 09:10:56 EDT

> I think the feminization of culture is very visible, and,
> obviously, if as in the US, about 47% of the employed workforce are women, they
> can hardly be ignored anymore, if only because their income is essential to the
> household budget.
It's true that the gender composition of the workforce has changed
significantly in recent decades. This does not mean that there has been
a "feminization of culture". Insofar as the economy is concerned, while
there have been advancements in employment and income for women, the
fact remains that there are very significant disparities in wages by
gender both overall and within occupations and the persistence of
occupational segregation by gender. While there have been inroads into
overcoming this, gender inequalities within the working class (and
others classes) persist. As for cultural practices, all one has to do
is look at international statistics on violence against women and rape
to see that the "feminization of culture" is a myth.
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