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Date: Mon Apr 06 2009 - 08:45:20 EDT

>> If a commodity "embodies" value, or "contains"
>> labor - including "crystallized" or "congealed" labor, then I'd like
>> someone to show me that "substance".
> Hold one cracker in one hand, and in the other small amounts of flour,
> water, salt, etc. The physical difference between the two is the labor
> embodied in the cracker.
Hi Paula:
Now put one orange in each hand. In your left hand there is an orange that fell
from a tree and hit you in the head on public lands and in your right
hand there is an orange produced as a commodity by a capitalist firm which
you purchased with money. Not so easy to tell them apart if one is only
looking at their material form, is not? What is the "physical difference"
between the two oranges?

> Taking physical embodiment seriously produces interesting results. One of
> them is that service capitalism does not relate to the object world in the
> same way industrial capitalism does - it relates to it as a collection of
> use-values, not values.
So, the means of production which are purchased by "service capitalists"
are, from your perspective, merely a "collection of use-values"? Don't these
"use-values" (the means of production employed by service capitalists)
also have an exchange value? If so, then service capitalists must, even
from your perspective, relate to the "object world" as more than just a
collection of use-values.
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