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Date: Sun Apr 05 2009 - 10:40:23 EDT

> Ranganayakamma, the authoress of 'An Introduction to Marx's 'Capital' (in 3 volumes) is currently
> working on a small book (of about 100-150 pages) with the proposed title: 'Economics for Children'
> whose English version will appear in a couple of months.
> Meanwhile the Telugu original is being serialised in a children's magazine called 'Naani' [young child].
> It is a monthly magazine and so far it carried 8 instalments/topics and the serialization will continue
> for nearly 20 more months.. The text is written in such a way that an eight or nine year old children too
> can understand the essentials of Marx's 'capital'. [She has tried with a nine year old girl who could
> understand the concepts without much difficulty.] At the moment two persons are translating it into
> English and we will send a copy to you when it comes out of the press possibly in June,2009.

Hi Bapuji and Ranganayakamma:

I look forward to reading it. What is the age group for "young child"? Other
than the basics concerning commodity, money, surplus value and exploitation,
and class are there any other topics discussed in _Capital_ which are explained?
Does graphic art or photography accompany the text?

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