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Although I was not able to understand clearly the proposal with regard to quotations from Marx which you are discussing in the List, I wanted to share with you a piece of information.
Ranganayakamma, the authoress of 'An Introduction to Marx's 'Capital' (in 3 volumes) is currently working on a small book (of about 100-150 pages) with the proposed title: 'Economics for Children' whose English version will appear in a couple of months.
Meanwhile the Telugu original is being serialised in a children's magazine called 'Naani' [young child]. It is a monthly magazine and so far it carried 8 instalments/topics and the serialization will continue for nearly 20 more months.. The text is written in such a way that an eight or nine year old children too can understand the essentials of Marx's 'capital'. [She has tried with a nine year old girl who could understand the concepts without much difficulty.] At the moment two persons are translating it into English and we will send a copy to you when it comes out of the press possibly in June,2009.

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> [JL] The
> experience of, for instance, the "Little Red Book" (i.e.
> from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung") shows possible dangers. "Quotations
> from Karl Marx" would be equally problematic and potentially
> dangerous.
> [PC] Now that is an idea!
> I suspect that it might sell very well, and far from being dangerous
> it would be progressive in encouraging a portion of those who had read
> the quotations to read more.
> Perhaps we should set up a working group to select quotations and approach

> a publisher.
Hi Paul:
Well, rather than offering at this time a critique of the praxis in the PRC
re "Quotations from Chairman Mao, let me simply ask you how you would see
such a book being produced and used in such a way that it would have the
effect of encouraging _critical_ thought on the part of readers? Frankly,
I think that the experience of "diamat" in the USSR (and beyond) and
in the PRC is not very encouraging about this prospect. Unless you want
such a product to be used in authoritarian and religious ways, this has to
be taken into consideration beforehand. Would there be some non-elitist,
horizontal way in such a booklet could be produced and distributed? Maybe
a wiki?
In solidarity, Jerry
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