RE: [OPE] value-form theory redux

From: Philip Dunn <>
Date: Mon Mar 16 2009 - 23:46:40 EDT

On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 16:46 +0100, GERALD LEVY wrote:
> > Either the light is on or it is off, and a woman cannot be a little bit
> > pregnant, if you want to use that sort of analogy.
> Jurriaan:
> So there is no 'process of becoming' (and 'un-becoming'?) in your perspective on
> value? Interesting ....

There is one example of the potentiality/actuality in value theory which
I would have thought is uncontroversial (but you can never tell). This
is the labour-power/living labour distinction. The actuality here is
energeia - activity (Michael Eldred would translate it as activeness).

The other prominent example in Aristotle is the dynamis/entelecheia
distinction. entelecheia - completedness or more usually realisation.

When VF theorist say that money is the sole measure of value ( better:
money is the sole measure of the relative value of non-money
commodities) it seems to me that they are talking about realised value.
The corresponding potential is not so easy to put a finger on.

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