Re: [OPE] value-form theory redux

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 18:24:38 EDT

>>> there is a dialectical unity between the processes of capitalist
>>> production and capitalist circulation
>> And what precisely is a 'dialectical unity'?
> Capital in general includes the process of capitalist production,
> the process of capitalist circulation and capitalist production
> as a whole. The latter could be seen as a dialectical unity of the
> first two processes.

I'm sorry, this is not clear at all. One can give a concise description
of 'religious unity', 'class unity' or 'unity' in mathematics.

I'm simply asking you what is 'dialectical unity'? What distinguishes it
from 'non-dialectical unity'?

//Dave Z
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