Re: [OPE] value-form theory redux

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 07:16:41 EDT

Howard wrote:
> of course there is commensurability in terms of physical quantities
> and other useful properties, including labor expenditure [outside the
> context of exchange and commodity production].

Ok good, this opens up the discussion for some mutual understanding. I'm
saying that this property of commensurability is 'economic value' in

This inevitably brings in the issue of terminology. What does 'economic
value' mean? 'Economic' refers to managing resources and 'value' is a
scalar quantity or more precisely, a metric in this context. The scalar
quantities allow different goods and services to be compared for the
purpose of managing resources.

You say:
> But typically this has been referred to as a social and economic
> calculation, not as a value calculation of any sort. The precision is
> helpful.
I'd rather say that what you call 'value calculation' refers to a
*specific form* that economic value takes, or is expressed as, when the
goods and services are exchanged as commodities. In general this is the

//Dave Z
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