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Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 21:04:49 EDT

> Jerry with due respect, you engage in sophistry once more.
It is not sophistry to refer to potential vs. actual (realized potential)
in political economy. You might ponder the meaning of the *REAL*ization of
surplus value, perhaps better translated as the *ACTUALization* of surplus
value. See my latest reply to Dave Z.
> Now you
> say that value is created "as potential" in the production process, but only
> "actualised" in exchange. That would tend to mean that value does not exist
> prior to exchange.
Would I be engaging in sophistry to ask you at what moment in time a
butterfly or a human baby could be said to exist? It is not sophistry to
comprehend the *metamorphosis* of products that take the commodity-form.
There are *temporal and sequential aspects* to the full development of value.
> The substantive scientific question posed is: is capital
> valorised in production, such that an increase in value occurs within the
> immediate production process, external to the exchange process, as Karl
> Marx so painstakingly sought to demonstrate in thousands of
> pages - or, like VFT theorists claim, is value a "social effect" of
> the exchange process?
The substantive scientific question is whether you can entirely divorce
the production of value from its actualization. If you believe that there is
a dialectical unity between the processes of capitalist production and
capitalist circulation, then the answer should be 'no'.

> In poetry you can freely play around with your word meanings, but for
> economic science we require exact, crystal clear concepts with minimum fuzz,
A distinction between potential and actual is not 'fuzz'. If Michael
E were still on the list, I imagine he could tell us all about the genesis
of these concepts in philosophy and political economy.
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