Re: [OPE] value-form theory redux

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 07:37:51 EDT

[Dave Z wrote:]
> This reply will be concise so that we can clearly identify the
> substantiative difference. I make the following claims, stop at the
> claim you think there is a real disagreement with VFT.
> 1. (Definition) 'Economic value' in general is a property that
> use-values have in societies.


Value, from a VFT perspective, expresses a set of social
relationships specific to the bourgeois mode of production,
where there is generalized commodity production and exchange.

In solidarity, Jerry

>there is no 'single system', but possibly multiple systems.
       I guess this was in response to what I wrote previously, so
clarification on my part is necessary. There are 'single-system'
theories and 'dual system' theories which come up in discussions
about the quantitative dimensions of value theory. The
latter says that there are 'two systems': a value accounting
and a price accounting system. 'Single-system' theories holds that
value and money, and hence price, are conceptually linked
and thus there is only one system. Examples of the SS theories
include the TSSI, Moseley's interpretation, Bellofiore's interpretation,
and VF theories. Many of these individuals and groups disagree
profoundly amongst themselves on other theoretical questions.

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