RE: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

From: Paul Zarembka <>
Date: Thu Mar 05 2009 - 15:56:04 EST

The below sounds like something that could have come out of the CP in the
50s. "Surely, comrades, you don't believe the bourgeois press lying about
there being gulags in the Soviet Union".

50% of the CPUSA membership somehow decided to leave after the 20th Party
Congress. I wonder why.

It is no use trying to claim that the bourgeois press in Venezuela is
always lying. Its truths can be a weapon against the working class, as its
lies. (In the specific instance, I am open to information on Chavez's
accumulation of wealth or lack thereof, independent of, e.g., Obama.)


--On 3/5/2009 1:58 PM +0100 GERALD LEVY wrote:

> So, in the end, we see *your*
> lack of a **critical attitude** since you accept on faith any *negative*
> stories about Chavez and related questions *regardless* of the source.

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