RE: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

Date: Wed Feb 25 2009 - 08:55:50 EST

Alejandro A:


I don't think that we can operate behind a "veil of ignorance".

We must be fully conscious of history and have a _class_ perspective.


You want us to leave open as a 'democratic principle' the possibility of

a return of socialist societies to capitalism.


This is as unthinkable as a return to slavery would be to abolitionists.

Or, a return to cannibalism if it was the desire of the majority -

democratically expressed. No, once we have historically moved beyond

these older forms of barbarism there must be no turning back.


We should treat the "right" of capitalists to exploit workers with the

same disdain as we treat the "right" of slave-owners to own slaves,

the right of husbands to "own" wives, the right of parents to "own"



Moreover, the possibility of life itself on this planet - not only for our

species, but all - *requires* socialism. To allow a return to capitalism

is tantamount to suicide. While I'm all for the right of individuals to

suicide, no one, group, or class should be allowed right to decide to kill

off the prospect for life for everyone else.


No, there can be no "veil of ignorance": we are far too late in the game of

our own history to operate under the assumption that whatever happens

should be allowed to happen. We are far too late in our history to be

constrained by the limitations of BOURGEOIS democracy.


In solidarity, Jerry

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