RE: [OPE] Venezuela is the most democratic country in Latin America

Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 09:27:13 EST

> I'm talking about the proposal by Chavez to run for a third presidential term, an
> anti-democratic measure that has been supported by many on the left, and will
> be voted on this Sunday. If it passes, it will make Venezuela - in this respect -
> less democratic than the US.
You must be joking. You think it's less democratic to LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE
who is to be the next president in Venezuela?
(btw, just to refresh your memory: the President of the US is elected by the
'electoral college' - not directly by the people, Moreover, because of the
way in which electoral college votes are allocated in most states, this means
that someone can get elected President even when another candidate got a
majority of the popular vote).
The story that you asked about concerned protests by workers after
over 7,000 workers were fired by Mayor Ledemza, a member of the 'opposition'.
I agree that these mass firings, opposed by the Chavistas, is bad news.
> By now you should know me well enough to understand what I mean
I'm still learning about your perspectives.
In solidarity, Jerry

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