Re: [OPE] Odyssey and the Peruvian treasure

From: Gerald Levy <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 2009 - 08:37:57 EST

> Jerry: **Socialists should support reparations (to whom?) for wealth stolen by capital from non-capitalists social formations**.
> AA: If we follow the Marxian theory of value this would carry us to the beginning of times. A clearly unfeasible alternative.


The theory of value, as such, does not address this question.

The gold which was plundered represented wealth within non-capitalist societies; it
did not initially take the commodity-form and its production was not value production.
The so-called primitive accumulation of capital should not be confused with the
production of value and surplus value: wealth should not be conflated with value.

In solidarity, Jerry

P.S. As of the moment that I am writing us, we are still experiencing list
distribution issues: at least two other posts have been sent to the list
but not distributed - one of which was sent by Paul C and includes
phots of the sit-in. This is frustrating.

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