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From: Anders Ekeland <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 11:18:58 EST

Hi all,

whatever one think of wisdom the LCRs efforts to establish a broader
anti-capitalist party I think their motives and intentions needs to
be taken seriously. In the article Ian refers to the conclusion is:

"This reactionary program outlines the LCR's preparation to play an
explicitly counterrevolutionary role in conjunction with the PS, PCF,
and other organizations of the French left establishment, against an
increasingly radicalized population. In the mass struggles that are
inevitably approaching in France, the NPA will prove to be a
determined defender of the bourgeois state and an implacable enemy of
the working class."

I think that this is a very one-sided and premature conclusion,
completely ignoring the results that LCR have achieved in France over
decades. What has the ICFI achieved in the same period? Would not a
more humble, open-minded approach be the correct/Marxist one?

To think that LCR is preparing to play an explicitly
counterrevolutionary role ...

Ian - can you take that kind of analysis seriously? Have not this
type of "polemics" done enough harm on the left?

Anders Ekeland

At 16:56 06.02.2009, you wrote:

>>Here's an article from the WSWS on the new party:
>>They have many articles on the LCR in their archives.
>Hi Ian:
>Yes, but it's worthwhile remembering that the WSWS site is published
>by the International Committee of the Fourth
>International whereas the LCR is part of the United
>Secretariat of the Fourth International. There has been
>bad blood between these two rival groups for many decades
>so the negative tone of the article shouldn't be surprising.
>The alternative, suggested in another article at the WSWS site
>("French workers need a socialist perspective to fight the economic
>crisis"), which they give to "workers and young
>people looking for a socialist alternative to mass unemployment
>and poverty" is to:
>"read the WSWS, contact the ICFI, and fight to build
>a section of the ICFI in France".
>Not much of an alternative, is it?
>In solidarity, Jerry
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