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On the contrary as I argued in the first article I wrote on crisis theory
it is the limits on the production of relative surplus value that lead to
the overaccumulation of capital in the main centres of capitalism.
This, as Lenin so correctly argued leads to monopoly capitalism or
imperialism, and growing crises, and eventual war and revolution. These
could indeed be interesting times!

David Yaffe

At 11:56 24/01/2009 -0500, you wrote:
> > Do people deny the existence of parasitism because it is the source of
> the privileges of the better off sections
> > of the working class and middle classes (strictly speaking the new
> petty bourgeoisie)?
>Hi David Y:
>I think that the standard of living of the working class in the advanced
>capitalist nations is more
>related to technological change and productivity growth and its
>consequences in terms of
>the class struggle than in neo-colonial plunder. [NB: this is not to say
>that plunder plays no role ....]
>In emphasizing 'monopoly capitalism' aren't you down-playing the role
>of increasing relative surplus
>value as the primary form through which surplus value is increased in
>advanced capitalism?
>In solidarity, Jerry
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