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for Papers

Smith Today

International Conference to Commemorate the 250th Anniversary of The Theory of
Moral Sentiments
in Turkey

Who is Adam Smith? Why is he important? Not just for
political economy as he is commonly associated with. But also also for
philosophy, politics, sociology and all sorts of disciplines in humanities.
Smith is well known for his Wealth of Nations. Though its contented has
been misrepresented or even falsified, over last 20 years there have been
published many scholarly works in various languages, which helped to correct
this falsified picture. However, The Theory of Moral Sentiments is
Smith’s first work. It was published long before the Wealth of Nations
and served along with his various Essays on Philosophical Subjects the
philosophical foundation of his later works.

The conference aims to explore in particular but not
exclusively The Theory of Moral Sentiments and by this it wishes to offer
a fuller picture of Smith’s intellectual life and work. This is especially
important in Turkey because there is still not a Turkish translation of The
Theory of Moral Sentiments, least of all his other works on philosophical,
political, historical, linguistic issues. We would like however also explore
Wealth of Nations on its own rights.

We welcome therefore papers on any aspect of Smith’s works,
their relationship to one another and his intellectual relationship to other
0of his time. However, we do not just wish to explore Smith as a
historical philosopher. We want also to explore the relevance of his work for
contemporary theoretical and practical issues. Papers to be addressed to the
conference may relate to following  areas:


    Intellectual sources, context
    and legacy


    The typology of ethics of
    The Theory of Moral sentiments;


    relevance of the Wealth of Nations for contemporary issues;


    Smith and Karl Marx;


    Smith’s more general philosophical works;


    Lectures on Jurisprudence…

We encourage everybody who wishes to present papers to the
conference to come forward also with their own proposals.


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