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first of all, thanks for your interest.

-I have the same question... Engels must have been the best of all possible
editors... his introductions are explicit in their determination to put
down what Marx wanted, who knew him better?

The point is that MARX HIMSELF was not able to edit his own texts (he had almost 20 years to do it, the first drafts of book II and III date 1863-65). He was completely aware his drafts were not finished and printable. Nobody could do it in his spirit, because he himself - in body and spirit Ė could not do it.

- The introduction to the book is
a bit odd, talking of the treatment of Marx as a thinker and moving away
from 'ideology' and so on when he was first and formost an active

Is the fact that he was an active communist a good reason to write the introductions of the volumes of his CRITICAL EDITION according to the Real socialism's ideology? I donít see why avoiding this should be odd.

- In terms of some of the notions raised, these are perfectly
well debatable from the existing corpus of work.

Of course, we can debate all the notions on the base of someone else's edition (better re-arrangement) of the manuscripts they come from. But we can also debate those on the base of the real thing, which now is available. Why do not consider that?
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