Re: [OPE] mirror theory (for Howarde)

From: Howard Engelskirchen <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 11:29:46 EST

Hi Dogan,

Yes, I recall. You had suggested that there were
texts in Marx that indicated his use of a mirror
theory approach and I asked if you had any at
hand. What I suggest below is that the text you
offer on its own doesn't do this; it is
compatible with other approaches, namely the idea
that all observation is theory laden.



At 09:08 AM 1/7/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Howarde,
>I send the quote because you asked me to do so sometimes ago.
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>Hi Dogen,
>Thanks very much for this. However, it doesn't
>establish mirror theory; it establishes that we
>appropriate the things of the world in thought
>and that the arrow goes from the world to the
>brain. Mirror theory says more than that. It
>says what the brain receives is a mirror image
>of the world. That's a very different
>proposition. We don't need mirrors; we need
>only an information processing system to guide
>practice. I hope before long to be able to
>return to this conversation, which we have certainly not completed.
>At 12:35 PM 1/6/2009, you wrote:
>>Marx: "My dialectic method is not only
>>different from the Hegelian, but is its direct
>>opposite. To Hegel, the life-process of the
>>human brain, i.e., the process of thinking,
>>which, under the name of âthe Idea,❠he
>>even transfansforms into an independent
>>subject, is the demiurgos of the real world,
>>and the real world is only the external,
>>phenomenal form of âtthe Idea.â=2 0With
>>me, on the contrary, the ideal is nothing else
>>than the material world reflected by the human
>>mind [in the original manuscript he says
>>"Menschenkopf": "human head"], and translated
>>into forms of thought." (The forth paragraph
>>from the bottom of the "Afterword to the Second German Edition")
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