[OPE] No room for band-aid solutions in the Third World

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* World economic crisis: No room for band-aid solutions in the Third World
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Reihana Mohideen

December 29, 2008 --
According to recent Food
and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) figures,
another 40 million people have been
pushed into poverty and hunger
so far this year as a result of spiralling food
prices, and the
total number of people suffering hunger and malnutrition has
963 million worldwide.

While the prices of major cereals have

fallen by more than 50per cent of their peak in 2008, they still
remain high
compared to previous years.[1]
Nearly two-thirds
of the world's hungry live in Asia (583 million in 2007).
sub-Saharan Africa, one in three people -- or 236 million (2007) -- are

chronically hungry. Most of the increase in the number of hungry
occurred in a
single country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, as a
result of widespread and
persistent conflict. The FAO predicts that
the impact of the economic crisis,
on the heels of the food price
crisis and oil price increases, could further
malnutrition and hunger levels.

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