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Subject: Bichler & Nitzan: "Contours of Crisis"
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Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan, "Contours of
Crisis: Plus ça
change, plus c'est pareil?" Dollars
& Sense, December 31, 2008.


This is
the first in a series of short articles we plan to write on the
current crisis. Our aim in this series is threefold: to outline some of

the important contours of the crisis; to situate these patterns in

historical context; and to reflect on their possible causes and

This paper sets the stage for the series. It
outlines the conventional
wisdom about the cause of crisis; it
describes the chronology of events;
and it contrasts the pattern and
magnitude of the current downturn with
those of earlier episodes.
The overall picture painted by this analysis
is highly stylized:
crises appear to come and go with remarkable
regularity, their
oscillations are fairly similar and they share the
same order of
magnitude. The whole process seems almost &lsquo;automatic&rsquo;, and
automaticity is reassuring: it suggests that the current crisis has run

much of its course and that doom and gloom will soon give way to a

But what if this automaticity is a mirage?

FULL TEXT: http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/255/

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repost with due attribution under the Creative Commons Licence

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