RE: [OPE] class illusions about the crisis and the state

Date: Wed Dec 24 2008 - 08:56:06 EST

> In this situation blaming 'bad capitalists' will no longer serve as the liberals' excuse for defending 'the market', for it is undoubtedly the STATE that is holding this shambles
> together for a few thousand High net wealth Individuals, as they are politely called by the UN.
Hi Paul B:
The neo-con commitment to 'free markets' appears to have been abandoned
(for now) and exposed, but liberal illusions about the state are also in the
process of being exposed. Yet, neo-New Deal measures are in the pipeline.
What concerns me more, at present, aren't the illusions of the bourgeoisie
per se about the crisis. Rather, of more concern is how those illusions are
widely accepted by the working class (e.g. in support in the US for Obama despite
all of his appointments and policies). One would think that this will increasingly
lead workers to consider more radical alternatives, but there aren't a lot of signs
of an upcoming international working class radicalization yet, are there? What's
the view on this from the rest of the world?
In solidarity, Jerry
PS: happy holidays to everyone on the list! ... and bah-humbug to the international
capitalist class and their minions!

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