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Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 18:11:42 EST

--On 12/15/2008 10:13 PM +0000 paul bullock wrote:

> "I am very happy to support the present Cuban Government
> UNCONDITIONALLY." is certainly NOT the same as supporting 'any foreign
> state' unconditionally... which is what you asserted I said !!!!

You distort my meaning. Against your

   I didn't state at all that I gave 'unconditional support' for - as you
say 'any foreign state',

I cited the Cuban government as a foreign state to either you or me. Thus,
there is at least one government in this world of ours which you support
"unconditionally" even though it is outside your direct and daily
knowledge. (I certainly didn't accuse you of unconditionally supporting
'any and all' foreign states.)

Anyway, such a word debate becomes futile and we are back to your politics, 
which admonishes that "the task of communists/ socialists/ democrats" is 
other than giving "airy opinion" (Dec. 11) about movements against 
imperialism, even as you yourself are airy (yes, I'll say so) about the 
Cuban Government.
I speculate that, for you, Rosa Luxemburg's criticisms of Soviet practices 
were "airy opinion".  I myself stand with Luxemburg on a practice of it 
being revolutionary to be prepared to criticize movements against 
imperialism.  Did not Marx refer to the ruthless criticism of everything 
For me, Luxemburg is right because comradely debate is progressive for the 
development of mass consciousness and practice.  No debate, no gain.
Paul Z.
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