RE: [OPE] Value form theory 101

Date: Wed Dec 10 2008 - 10:11:35 EST

> I'm sorry Jerry, with due respect, whereas I think you are perfectly entitled to your 101
> value-form theory, this is not at all what Marx himself argues,
Hold on, Jurriaan. In did not address what Marx's position was in that post. Rather,
I took exception to what you wrote about VFT - namely, that it is grounded
in linguistics and metaphysics. What I attempted to show was that their perspective
is grounded in the essential character of the actual subject matter - capitalism.
Although it should have been clear in a post titled VFT101, I guess I should add
that I went out of my way to present the issue as simply as possible. This avoided
some of the nuances of VFT and differences among VF theorists. It also
avoided mention of Marx because I didn't want to see a discussion diverted to
a merely interpretive one concerning KM.
In solidarity, Jerry

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