Re: [OPE] defining 'recession'

From: Paula <>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2008 - 19:43:57 EST

Jurriaan wrote:

"In the case of services (but also some goods) it is often difficult to define objectively what exactly the product or output should be understood to be, or if you like, what exactly you pay for (I will write another post on the concept of "services" when I get more time to do it). The definition may be customary but not objective. In general, if the production and consumption of a product coincide, it makes no net new addition to wealth. Work may be performed also without resulting in any recognisable product, in which case it is work, but not production."

Jurriaan, I'm quite amazed at your 'productivity' on this list, with or without flu. If you ever do write a posting (why not article?) on the concept of services I'll be grateful, as I'm very interested in the topic. I was hoping in the next couple of years to write something about it myself, if I have the time. I'm particularly interested in exploring the connection between the rise of a service economy and trends that are less directly economic, eg the growing importance of communication and personal relations, the 'managed heart', etc. Thanks.


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