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Well, this sentence just says that the opposition will need a strong and substantive candidate to defeat the incumbent, even though that incumbent has been in office for a long time (which under elective democracy is often accompanied by a falling off of popular support).


Whatever the sketchiness of the rest of the short report, this statement is mildly positive about Chavez.


I hold no special brief for the BBC, but let’s not misinterpret what they say to reinforce our pre-existing political entrenched positions about either Chavez or the biases of the bourgeois media.


michael W


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"But what is clear is that after 10 years in office, the opposition are still going to need a lot more than a candidate with a pretty face to defeat him."
This is how the report ends. What is the BBC trying to say? There is very little about the major changes that have taken place over last 10 years. So it is a seeming impartial report with a more or less clear partiality in favour of the so called USA paid, CIA supported opposition.


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In the link below you can see on-line the short special TV report on Venezuela, which BBC screened yesterday:




I’ll wait for your comments.


Sincerely yours,

A. Agafonow


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